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From the time she could walk, Faith was singing because her mother sang gospel songs to her until she learned them. Her mother would then record her as early as age two and from then on to capture the little girl sound of her voice for nostalgia's sake.

In public, however, Faith was very shy. So, it wasn't until the musical director at school begged her to sing a solo in second grade that Faith submitted to that request...just to get the teacher to stop asking. This solo and another at age 11, were both done in fear and trembling. At home it was a different story.

She'd learned how to harmonize by ear, while singing with her mother over the dish-drying chores. In 6th grade, however, her mother asked the school's classical music director to allow her into the Concert Choir earlier than he normally allowed students. He said yes, and Faith began to grow in her confidence as this man taught all choir members to read, count, and hear the music. She'd always been a writer too. At home, journaling her emotions, these eventually turned into songs during college where she performed at local coffee shops.

In 2001, she took the plunge and moved to Nashville for a full-on pursuit of a music career. There she sang at local bars on songwriters nights, getting to try out her new songs on those willing to give them a listen. She saved all the money she could working by day as a social worker and was able to independently fund her first record in Fall 2004. She'd spent the years previous co-writing and then joined forces with Matthew Perryman Jones to launch her first tour with that record, Trip the Light. Touring mid-eastern states, this tour was a successful step out into the indie-artist world. Having been her own booking agent, manager, and publicity consultant, she realized she was not cut out for the energy required to maintain both the creative aspect and business aspect of touring. Therefore, she took a break and joined a band that performed weekly --songs they spontaneously wrote on stage. This 3 year period was a refreshing break from the grind and inspired her to create new melodies, sounds, and inventive lyrics on the spot.

This was the most fulfilling time in her singing career yet, and she was able to write from a raw and free place for the next record, which she was able to fun by December 2010. This record, Bold As Lions is a mix of hip-hop beats with harmonies and melodies that have a happy yet thought-provoking feel. Through her travels to the middle east in recent years, she incorporated some of those sounds into the record as well. The lyrics of each of the 12 songs very purposefully expound upon the meaning of each of the names of the 12 tribes of Judah. Enjoy!

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