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Faith's new album is here! Bold As Lions, a full length 12-song record was produced by Mitch Dane at Sputnik Studios in Nashville. This record is full of hip-hop beats with harmonious melodies and some middle eastern flare. Each song corresponds with the meaning of each of the names of the 12 tribes of Israel.

The themes written about are: unity, boldness in he midst of trouble, joy in surrender, guts to ask for what you need, justice in society, what heaven looks like, how everyone has a place if being the truest to his/herself, and a song for the Arabs and a song for the Jews.

A tribute to Mitch Dane, a recounting of his awesomeness:

Mitch's awesomeness:

  • He helped me figure out who I am musically by showing me every genre of music fathomable until I found the one I most consistently resonate with.

  • He was open to change and to shifting of gears when I presented him with an entirely new album's worth of songs after having previously given him the final twelve I wanted to record

  • He was willing to try something he'd never done when I ask if we could make a spontaneous song in the studio going off nothing more than a beat he create for me to sing over

  • He is used to recording the foundations to four songs a day, but let that schedule go to make room for spontaneous songs, throwing out some songs to rewrite them, and creating two entirely new songs together lending his songwriting abilites to the project.

  • He remained consistently committed to accurately conveying who I am musically throughout the whole project, which meant making alterations when necessary. I threw him for a loop when I realized late in the game that I wanted real drums and bass, neither of which we had budgeted or scheduled for. Mitch was going to do all the programming. He was accommodating and made room in his schedule after I worked out my budget and hired those players for the project, employing Josh Niles to record them. Jake Goss and Tony Lucido's work, under the innovative ear of Josh Niles was flawless and coupled with Mitch's programming made for the most pleasing, complete sounds to my ears!

  • He gave sound feedback to what would truly make a song better, not only by his cowriting, but by creating magic in a song with extra programming, keys, introducing sounds one wouldn't expect and dropping out parts at times to create intimacy in the vocals.

  • Mitch also allows artists to participate in the mixing process. Mitch was humble throughout the process, despite his years of experience, and continued to be true to conveying the artist's musical uniqueness as well as consistently communicating clearly about any issues that arose in order to eliminate misunderstanding of any kind. He's truly a rare gem in the music industry.

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