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Meet Me In The Pain                                                              Nov 3, 2010

Times and times

have brought me here

to a state of being I wasn't prepared for

I stand on the precipice

not knowing my left hand from my right

I know it must mean I'm on the cusp of a change

but It feels I've lost my sight

And all I know to do

is what I've never done:

cry out to God in this pain

Tell Him I've come undone

Tell Him there's no where else to stand

but on Him, in Him

I didn't realize He could handle

my anxiety

Didn't realize He'd have something

to say...when I'm angry and afraid

I have so many questions

but then, He's got all day

Meet me in the Pain

Meet me in the place of breaking

I'll share my complaint

When my righteousness wanes

I'll not hide from you...I'll show you my face

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